New Round Knife Blades

We offer new blades that will fit all standard full size (12") shaving machines, we do not handle the small 7" blades.

Our blades are custom made to our specifications out of a high quality, hard carbon steel for a superior edge holding capability. We do not handle stainless steel blades since we have not found an afforable one that will hold an edge.

New, sharpened blades are $75.00 plus postage.

Round Knife Blade Re-Grinding

We can re-grind your blades for you as long as they are the ones with the standard 2" center hole, we cannot grind the small 7" blades. We will try to match the new edge to your request as much as possible. Some like a narrow lip, some wide, some more up and aggersive, some more flat. When you send blades in just include a note as to how you would like them finished and we will do our best.

Re-grinding fees are, 1 blade $25.00, 2 blades $44.50, 3 or more blades $21.50 each, plus return postage.

Please note that the extremely thick "hogger" blades, .125 inch and thicker, and stainless blades will be assesed a $2.00 per blade surcharge.

Tanning Supplies

Coming soon! We have Lutan, oils, relaxers etc. Feel free to call the office for more information at this time.