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Arlington Cape was started in 1991 with little more than the knowledge and ability to produce a quality tanned skin for the taxidermy industry. My goal in the beginning was to provide a product that was as close to ready to mount as possible, not as fast as possible.  We have evolved over the years:  a building addition, the purchase of two buildings, and additional equipment and employees.  However,  our goal in business has remained the same:   provide great customer service and top quality tanning for taxidermy.


Everything we have done is because of the support of you, our customers. Your support has allowed us to grow. Since we don’t have outside investors it hasn’t been a rapid growth, but the only people we have to answer to is you, the customer, not people waiting for a return on their investment.  That’s why our goal will always remain the same as it was twenty years ago.


Thank you to all our loyal customers and friends, past and future.


Keith Daniels

Who Are We?

We are a custom tannery/fur dresser, catering to the taxidermy industry in the wholesale capacity, and to farmers and ranchers direct.  We don't have a fancy facility or marketing package.  We just have knowledge and ability gained through years of hands on experience and association with professionals in both the leather and garment tanning industries.


 You, the taxidermist, won't find us going to hunters in the field trying to get their tanning work, calling your customers or advertising for their taxidermy work.  We do not run an import service then hold your customer's skins hostage to get the tanning work.  We tan for you, not for ourselves.


Due to current fur market conditions and the increasing number of requests for small order dressing for garment and wall hanger skins we have implemented a new service we call a "Trapper Tan". We have steered clear of this service for many years but with so many other dressers targeting this market we feel we are missing out on too large of a market share to stay with our old policy and will now accept fur skins from individuals at a competitive garment tanning rate. This service for fur skins only that are properly handled as if they would be going into the fur market. Prices are on a sliding scale depending on quantity, examples are coyote starting at $30.00, red fox starting at $25.00 and raccoon starting at $20.00. For a complete list of prices and instructions contact us and we will mail you a copy.


 We do also offer direct services for sheep and beef hides.  Many taxidermists don't want to handle these skins, and as a producer we do consider you as a wholesale account.

We are a full-service tannery.  The only thing we don't do is leather tanning, but can get that done for you, if needed.

Tanning:  Cape (wet) and Dry.  We offer both types of tan, but you'll find our Cape (wet) Tan is different than many.  Your skins aren't actually wet when you receive them back.  The skins have been drummed; both leather and hair side out, including ear turning, and are in a damp dry state, giving you a cleaner skin to work with.

Sheep are typically tanned with a washable tanned, but can be "dressed" with the same process as taxidermy skins, if desired.  Finish shearing is available if you need skins of a certain wool length.  Skins with wool over 3 inches in length can be a problem if they have a lot of residue deep in the wool, or are very heavy with lanolin.  These skins are handled on an individual basis.

Round Knife Blades:  We do grind many blades every year, for ourselves, but we also provide custom grinding for taxidermists and other tanneries.  We supply new blades that are sold by several taxidermy supply houses, as well as build shavers for them.  If you are interested in a new blade or machine, we will refer you to them.

Round knife blade re-grinding prices are $25.00 for a single blade, $44.50 for two blades and $21.50 each for three or more blades, plus return shipping.  Sorry, but we can not grind the small 7 inch blades.

We are licensed by the USDA to receive restricted import.  If you need a broker to help import your trophies, give us a call and we'll get you in contact with a reliable, experienced broker.

We hope you will give us a chance to be your tanner of choice, below is our contact and shipping details.

Arlington Cape, LLC

110 W. Liberty St.

P O Box 111

Arlington, Oh. 45814

Ph. 419-365-5321

Fax 419-365-1012


For freight shipments use:

105 S. Main St.

Arlington, Oh. 45814