The Cape Master Shaver

The Cape Master version is our original design, with quite a few refinements since the first one was built sometime in the mid 1990’s. This is what we use in the tannery on a daily basis.    

The hood parts are now made from stainless steel with a simple blade change procedure. Loosen one stainless steel socket head cap screw and the back and one side of the hood swings down for access to the pinch late. The pinch plate is a left hand thread and fits a 1” wrench. An Allen wrench inserted through a pass through hole in the inside hood plate and into a hole in the spindle backer plate works as a spindle lock, just spin the pinch plate off with a wrench, put the new blade on, swing the hood back up and tighten it down.    

The guards are extremely easy and quick to adjust to shave at any location or depth of cut. Unless you go from one extreme on to another on blade size, adjustment is done with one ¼” Allen wrench in a couple seconds, no tiny little set screws or wheels to deal with.     

The upper end of the machine runs on two, 1” grease able, self aligning bearings with the belt load in between. The belt is totally enclosed in the frame and is driven by a ½ horse power industrial rated motor with an automatic overload.    

All of the exposed parts that aren’t stainless, except the spindle and motor, are powder coated for protection. This machine was designed by a tanner, as a work horse to hold up to the daily use it receives. They have been proven here in my tannery for years, as well as other tanneries and taxidermists' shops.  It’s built to use, not win beauty contests, sturdy and simple, not over engineered to catch the eye of the consumer.  

The cost of the Cape Master Shaver is $1600.00.