Our dry tanning/dressing service is the best choice for all of your skins that will be made into rugs, with mounted heads or without. When dampened, the skin soaks back quickly and easily so you can mount the rug shell with ease, sew in any tucks or repairs and stretch the skin. After wetting the skin, it will dry with a flatter leather but it will still be soft and pliable, giving you a finished product with clean, full bodied fur that looks better than when it was alive.

Any skins that are not going to be made into rugs are ready to return to your customer.  They surely will appreciate your choice of tannery. That being said, keep in mind that the better the skin was handled before sending in, the better it will be when you get it back. Skins that are poorly scraped and dried, full of skinning holes ,etc., are more likely to have issues with hair loss or damage.

I would suggest that you consider a dry tan for Lynx, ranch or heavy western fox and some of the heaviest western coyotes that are going to be mounted. The fur on skins such as these benefit greatly from the extra drumming and grooming during the dry tan process, and these skins are thin enough to soak by simply dampening the leather while leaving the fur dry and fluffed.

Heavier leathered skins, such as bears, that are going to be mounted will need soaked for 20-30 minutes, drained, then sweated overnight to achieve the best pliability.

For rug work, you will need to soak the head/neck and paws for 20-30 minutes then drain, squeeze out and bag overnight. The body skin can be dampened with wet towels or have water sponged on before being bagged overnight and it will give you a skin that is ready to stretch.

Lutan Fn, a BASF product, is our compound of choice for both fur and hair skins going through the dry tanning/dressing process. Although we feel we already have the top quality product on the market today, through our associations with other professionals in the fur and leather industries we constantly strive to see if we can make it even better!