Basic Information

Due to current fur market conditions and the increasing number of requests for small order dressing for garment and wall hanger skins, we have implemented a new service we call a "Trapper Tan".  

 We have steered clear of this service for many years, but with so many other dressers targeting this market we feel we are missing out on too large of a market share to stay with our old policy.  We will now accept fur skins from individuals at a competitive garment tanning rate. This service is for fur skins only that are properly handled as if they would be going into the fur market.  

By properly handled for the fur market, we mean properly scraped as is the standard for that specie. The skin can be stretched and dried, ready for the fur market, or you may salt dry the skin if you wish. Legs need to be trimmed to the proper length, no inverted ears, split lips or paws or you will be charged the price of a life size skin. If, for example, you want paws on for a mountain man style hat, make a note when you send the skins in and make sure the legs are split all the way beyond the elbow.  There will be an additional charge.

Any skins shipped in with live fur bugs will be fogged and held in the package in which they were recieved until processing. We will assume no responsibilty for any damage they have done. In extreme cases, we reserve the right to reject the shipment and return them to you.  

Prices are on a sliding scale depending on quantity.  Examples include: coyote starting at $30.00, red fox starting at $25.00 and raccoon starting at $20.00. Click the document link below for a current price list.