Our Cape tanning service is the best choice for most of your skins that will be mounted.

 Our Cape Tan skins are commonly referred to as wet tans but there is a difference. Unlike many other tanneries/dressers, our skins go through the same process as our dry tan skins until the oiling step. Our skins are all fully oiled with different custom blends of oils, allowed to penetrate and bond, then they are drummed with the skin side out, then everything inverted including the ears, and drummed again so all the hair or fur is also clean and damp dried. We use corn cob grit for our Cape Tan skins since it cleans out of damp fur much better than sawdust, leaving you with a skin that is clean and free of oils and debris, ready to just dampen the leather and finish prepping to mount. 

I would suggest that you consider a dry tan for Lynx, ranch or heavy western fox and some of the heaviest western coyotes that are going to be mounted. The fur on skins such as these benefit greatly from the extra drumming and grooming during the dry tan process, and these skins are thin enough to soak by simply dampening the leather while leaving the fur dry and fluffed.

The great retention of color and epidermis on our African skins done with our Cape tan process will allow you to create a highly detailed mount with a minimal amount of finish work. Give it a try and you’ll see why we have such a following for dressing African skins.

Lutan Fn, a BASF product, is our compound of choice for both fur and hair skins going through our Cape Tan process. Although we feel we already have the top quality product on the market today, through our associations with other professionals in the fur and leather industries we constantly strive to see if we can make it even better!